Friday, November 9, 2012

Choosing an Art Life

Art is life, life is art...a quote used over and over again. But how true it is, particularly with some. Rather than art sittting as an accessory to my life, like many, I find it weaving between everything in my life. The choices of clothes and jewellery, where I place a beautiful ceramic sculpture, what I hang on my wall, what I read and even what I choose to eat. There is a bubbling passion for all that keeps it all alive.
I have been frustrated of late that due to personal upheavals I have not been able to attend the many shows, exhibitions and events that are either sent via Facebook, emails or I spot in the newspaper. I feel very apologetic almost to the point of sending a note to the artists, performers or organisers explaining my non attendance. I stop myself of course, knowing that I may appear a little disturbed by doing so and console myself with the thought that this is not permanent. I will see shows again, I will experience amazing art again, I will get back out to MONA and enjoy another festival.
The positive to the situation is that it does provide space to reconnect and enjoy what is closer to home. I have just moved into a groovy small house which will only accommodate a small amount of furniture and a certain amount of personal clutter. Rather than feeling frustrated, it has served as a great opportunity to go through the boxes and really think about what I LOVE, rather than keeping things for the sake of it. After many hours of lugging boxes and sifting through paintings, sculptures, ceramics, books and other bits and pieces I can now sit back and feel that what I have in my space is what I want and love.
I prioritize the art, colour, textiles and shapes ahead of dishwashers, microwaves and furniture. The art is what fills me up and gives me energy. So apologies for those other art experiences I am missing, but for the time being my world of art is all around me and it is a great show.

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