Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brunswick Street Gallery $10 000 Art Prize

All themes, all sizes and all mediums. Framed or unframed - 50 finalists selected. Show runs 12-25 August 2011

Being an artist

Whether you write, paint, draw, dance or play, the life of an artist is fantastic but not easy. As a writer and painter I know. The constant struggle between finding space to allow that tiny gem of an idea to grow and blossom and the demands of life, family, earning money and all the rest, can hamper the best creative idea.
I am privileged to be working with some amazing artists and creative thinkers and what breaks my heart is the turmoil and torture they feel in the process of producing new work. It's not the issue of the work, but rather the current structures and models that support the thought that if you make it you should be able to sell it and manage it. I don't agree with this and there are plenty of examples of artists throughout history that had teams around them, patronage and other support.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lucy Hardie works beautifully!

Check out these works by Lucy Hardie-absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and luscious. There is a dark manevolence in some and such joy in others.

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