Friday, September 26, 2014

Tasmanian Portraiture Prize

It has been another amazing year working with RACT Insurance and Tasmanian Regional Arts as the curator and co-manager of the Tasmanian Portraiture Prize. The exhibition is on at the Long Gallery until Saturday 4th October and already we have had hundreds through the doors.

Then it is winding it's way north to Sawtooth Ari and then the Burnie Regional Gallery. See details at the TPP website and in the meantime check out our newly released film produced by HYPE TV that captures the work that goes into the prize along with the finished exhibition. Congratulations to all the artists involved and our wonderful judges; Robert Hannaford, Jane Stewart and Alex Davern.

View the TPP Film here...

No Artist is an Island

Whether you are an artist, performer, musician or writer it is often a struggle to nurture and establish a sustainable career in your chosen art form. Over the last 5 years I have worked with a range of individuals who are seeking to make a living from their work. Like many ventures this is not always easy and more and more I am convinced that it is about delegation and investment rather than going it alone.

Of course there are examples of individuals who have hit the big time and often this is put down to timing, the environment and pure luck...the right place at the right time. Although, I am not really a believer in luck. I tend to think that by focusing on a clear direction and putting steps in place, it can lead you to your own luck.

In a recent article in Cut Common Magazine, James Morrison wrote of the challenges of having and maintaining a career as a musician. In response to the question...Do you feel musicians are very business minded?, he responded with...

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