Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Good Week

Ross Honeywell
Last night I was one of around 25 people who gathered to share a drink in celebration of the formation of the Tasmanian Creative Industries Council, a body whose goal it is to raise the profile and importance of the creative industries especially to government and the broader community.
It was a modest gathering, but with reps from many sectors, it represented the beginning of what really needs to happen if collectively arts and creative organisations and businesses are serious about being heard. Ross Honeywell spoke brilliantly about the need to release Art Tasmania and let it be the creative and entrepreneurial organisation that it needs to be, rather than being hamstrung by bureaucracy.

For me it was close to home. With changes to funding through the Australia Council for the Arts, Tasmanian Regional Arts is looking at skeleton staff in the new year, IF it does not manage to attract funding. This is a huge challenge for a 65 year old organisation that is more used to helping others as opposed to asking for help. But it is now that it needs to hear from those artists, organisations and communities who have been assisted or worked with TRA.

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