Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Journey of the Argonauts

'In spite of the minuscule chance of anyone surviving to lay eyes upon the Golden Fleece, let alone get past the guarding dragon and return with the prize, large numbers of heroes (the Argonauts) were ready to run the risk.'

Rachel Dallas with
They Washed in on the Tide
The artists and curators
A courageous group of Flinders Island artists embarked on a 12 month adventure to explore their own art practice and what possibilities could lie ahead. How could they extend themselves and where could they take their art?
A still from Sammi Gowthorp's
Mercury Retrograde short film

It was a diverse group with painters, photographers, a film maker, sculptors and a textile artist. At times it was challenging and confronting, but all nine of them prevailed. The Journey of the Argonauts captures some of this adventure and the shared connection to Flinders Island. 
Dale Williams watercolour, View from my mind
Engaging Elements by Lila Tresemer

I was lucky enough work with the group and together we faced challenges and hurdles. But all were overcome and we were able to bring together a group exhibition that has amazing cohesion in essence and form. 

Sandro Donati with his work Island Icon V
Traveling Box of Bones
by Rachel Dallas
It was fantastic to curate the exhibition with Principal Curator of TMAG, Jane Stewart. This is the first gallery outcome, with the hope that there will be future destinations for this beautiful collection of new works. The exhibition is up at the Straits Gallery for a couple of week, so if you are heading to Flinders, check it out.

The wonderful artists involved included: Rachel Dallas, Sandro Donati, Sammi Gowthorp, Annabel Apps, Bronwen Grutzner, Dale Williams, Helen Haines, Jaga Lipska and Lila Tresemer.
Yakka Orres by Helen Haines
Jaga Lipska's Cosmic Bounce
Bronwen Grutzner's pastels
from an earlier exhibiti
Annabel Apps work, 
Dissolved into a deep Lassitude

This project was funded by the Regional Arts Fund, the Flinders Island Council and Flinders Island Regional Arts. For more information about this or other projects via 
Kylie Eastley Consultancy please email or call 0439 262 344. 
All photographs by photographer and film maker, Sammi Gowthorp

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