Tarkine in Motion
In 2015 in the lead up to the Festival of Voices I was invited to come on board as Producer/Director to work with an amazing troupe of musicians, performers, writers and artists who had produced work from a visit to the wonderful Tarkine in North West Tasmania. With very little time, we got to work and with an intense schedule of rehearsals, an amazing technical team and incredible amount of beautiful work produced by the artists, the show was performed to a packed audience at The Peacock Theatre in Salamanca Arts Centre. The performance was part of a much bigger program that is supported by the Bob Brown Foundation 

Community Development Training
In 2014 I took up the challenge to develop Community Development training for the Community House network. The project was called Connecting Ideas and Process and was funded by Tas Medicare Local (now Primary Health Tasmania). I worked with Jon Gill and Tracey Tasker at Population Health who supported me in developing what was quite a unique program of training. Traveling across the state to deliver the package to 25 Community Houses, the material developed through the training was the foundation for the Community Development Toolkit that was launched by TML and Neighbourhood Houses Tasmanian in 2015. The kit is available from the NHT website and training is available by contacting

The Journey of the Argonauts

Over the last 12 months I have worked with nine Flinders Island artists to individually develop their art practice and to work with the whole group to work towards a group show. The program included one on one coaching with individuals plus a series of workshops tailored for the group that focused on expanding their practice and exploring the complexities of living a creative life.

The Journey of the Argonauts was opened on 31st November at the Straits Gallery, Whitemark on Flinders Island, with a collection of new contemporary work by eight of the artists. The exhibition was a great success, with a very positive response from locals and visitors to the island. I co-curated with Jane Stewart, the Principal Curator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, in Hobart.
Above is one of the beautiful works by the fabulous Rachel Dallas, an assemblage artist who combs the beach for her materials.

Dean Stevenson
Dean is one of Tasmania's most experienced and exciting composers and musicians. He is
establishing a strong reputation as a solo performer, writer and collaborator. I am thrilled to be working with Dean on a range of projects including the continued development of Tim Passes, a unique original work where Deans' composition was set to the words of Timothy Walsh, the late brother of MONA creator, David Walsh. 

RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Prize 2014
It was such a pleasure to once again curate this important prize, which in 2014 attracted the most entries to date. Partnering with Leah Tierney from RACT Insurance we have managed another wonderful show which will tour from the Long Gallery in Hobart, to Sawtooth Ari in Launceston and then onto the Burnie Regional Art Gallery on the North West Coast.

Flinders Island Creative Development
I am so excited to be working with a group of amazing visual artists on the island for the next 12 months. I will be delivering workshops and individual art coaching sessions to at least 9 artists who work in painting, drawing, sculpting, assemblage, textiles, film making and photography.
The aim is to support them in developing their individual practice while also drawing them together to work collaboratively on a group show that we aim to exhibit around November 2014 in the Strait Gallery at Whitemark. It's all to be confirmed but with such a strong group we are bound to come up with something amazing.
Thanks to all the artists, the Flinders Island Hotel and Sharp Airlines for their support.

Creative Community Development Training-Tas Medicare Local
What a privilege it has been to reconnect with the network of Community Houses to develop and deliver a flexible training program that has taken me from King Island to Geeveston...Rosebery to St Helens.  The aim of the training is to support community house staff, volunteers and broader community to design and deliver strong community development programs that are sustainable and relevant to their communities. The response has been overwhelming and I look forward to continued involvement with the houses over coming months.

Remade Fashion Show is a fantastic event organised by Interweave Arts in Launceston. Last year I designed 3 items and this year hope to make it 4. It's a brilliant event; inspiring and fun...

This is a photo of my beautiful daughter, Lily as Origami Warrior in 2012 - a costume made from left over festival posters. In 2014 I made 3 designs as seen here...


Creative Social Enterprise - Tasmanian Regional Arts
Branching Out was a three year social enterprise research project funded by the Westpac Foundation. It was a fascinating and rewarding project where we partnered with the Institute for Regional Development (UTAS) and arts communities to look for new models and approaches. There is still a wealth of information, reports and research available at the Branching Out blog

This independent Tasmanian arts reviewing site was established in 2009 by Anica Moulanger-Mashberg, Stephenie Cahalan, Lucy Wilson, Gai Anderson, Sara Wright and me. We now have 11 writers across Tassie with varying backgrounds who respond to all sorts of creative endeavour. We have published more than 300 reviews, had more than 30 000 hits and we cannot meet the demand for reviews. 

We all volunteer and the hard work has paid off and got us overseas, to biennales and even a job or two. Get in touch if you want to become part of the team.

Critical Mass
WriteResponse contributors have been involved in a range of creative adventures including the Sydney Biennale, Ten Days on the Island, Festival of Voices and Junction Arts Festival, just to name a few. Critical Mass was a Junction Arts project with thousands of words written about the arts and artists. 


Social Enterprise in the Tasmanian Art Sector 2013

Findings from the TSES Report are cited in this report relating to SE in Local Government

Southern Midlands Report based on my work with members of the Southern Midlands community. This report provided information that fed into the Southern Midlands Arts Strategy 2013.

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