Thursday, August 13, 2015

Changes to Australia's Arts Funding

The recent inquiry into the changes to arts funding that has seen millions pulled from the Australia Council for the Arts and the proposed establishment of a National Program for Excellence in the Arts (NPEA), attracted more than 2 600 submissions from across the country. It was a fantastic response...this was mine, and to view others click here.
At the recent public hearing held in Melbourne, accomplished contemporary artist, David Pledger very eloquently outlined the problem with the newly proposed NPEA. Well, worth watching this Video of David Pledger 
David Pledger speaking at the Melbourne public inquiry
I am writing this submission in response to the funding changes to the Australia Council for the Arts and the proposal to establish a National Program for Excellence in the Arts.

My response is based on more than 20 years working with community, the arts, government and business in Tasmania. It stems from my first hand experience as a producer, arts manager, writer and coach; having worked with Big hART Inc, Tasmanian Regional Arts, Tasmanian Writers Centre, Tasmanian International Arts Festival (Ten Days on the Island), Screen Tasmania, the University of Tasmania and currently curate the Tasmanian Portraiture Prize among other projects. I have worked with artists and companies to deliver art projects, build organizational capacity and also explored alternative models, such as social enterprise. This research has identified the importance of supporting the creative development of art content in the state and that in fact arts sector investment reaps much greater return than most other industries.

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