Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An eclectic life...just the way I like it!

It seems that I haven't been home much lately. Most weeks I am working in the north of the state working with students from the Tasmanian Polytechnic or more recently, showing 3 designs as part of Interweave Arts Streets Alive Remade Fashion Show. This latest experience reinforced my commitment to supporting and promoting others, rather than being in the spotlight myself. The catwalk experience was terrifying.

I have driven the Midland Highway thousands of times over the last 27 years , so it is a familiar path; past the stumps that look like faces, the trees that look like lollipops and the bits of road that are nostalgic for one reason or another.

The turn off to the East Coast always reminds me of summer holidays when mum would pack us four kids and the dog in the Kingswood (an ex police car) and we would drive for hours before reaching Scamander. Falling out of the car in the dark we could smell the salty air and hear the crashing waves of the nearby Beaumaris Beach.

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