Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Pressies

It seems there was a bit of an art theme in our household.
I was lucky enough to be given Nymph by JH Lynch. I had wanted one for many years, ever since I strolled into an old pub on Victoria Street, Richmond (Melbourne) which had wall to wall Lynch's along with nicotine stained ceiling and 70's decore.
I wanted to support local Tasmanian artists and bought my husband, the rock star, a dragonfly digital print by Nell Tyson. It's a beautiful photograph which has a delightful paintily quality to it.
It's extremely rewarding to not only be given something you really want, but to be surrounded by art.

Post Christmas Blues

I don't know if it is the after effects of a steady stream of New Zealand Sav Blanc, the lazing around or the lack of schedule. Whatever it is. It's hampering my attempts to enter the real world of work. Luckily my work is always interesting and rarely mundane. Keep in touch so you can meet some of the interesting people abnd projects along the way.

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