Saturday, April 12, 2014

Being fed

There is much discussion about the meagre incomes that we earn in the arts sector. Whether you are a musician, performer or manager, it is often difficult to scrape together a decent annual income. A couple of years ago I was speaking with a friend and mentor about this and conveying my frustration at just how challenging it was. Not just the money, but managing how I think as someone who stands with a foot in each camp; the creative maker and the manager/producer.
Dale Williams, a painter

In response she calming stated...‘Well I guess it is challenging when you decide to live a creative life.’

In that moment my mind exploded with the realization that that is exactly what I was doing…choosing to live a creative life. You might be reading this and smacking your forehead with a doh! But so often when we are in the thick of projects, management, media and people, it is difficult to have the space and luxury to enjoy and acknowledge what is going on and how amazing it truly is. The forest for the trees scenario.

In a world that often diminishes the importance of creative thought and expression, it can be difficult to stay steadfast in your resolve to…Just do it! It’s what you do. Now can we just get on with it ….

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