Sunday, December 4, 2011


A wealth of information is available via the Arts Council England around how arts organisations are reshaping with a focus on:

  • money
  • social purpose
  • reshaping organisations

'2011/12 is a year of change for the arts sector. Many organisations are taking a fresh look at ways of developing their income streams. They are thinking about their assets and capabilities in order to strengthen their offer and enable the organisation to become more efficient, flexible and responsive'.  (Pg 1)
'A shift from seeing money as a grant based subsidy, to money as an investment that attracts more resources, strengthens sustainable practice and could afford greater freedom. Our conventional business model is quite static in the arts. We tend towards aiming to break even or have a small surplus or deficit...Being more enterprising and innovative, viewing money as investment and reshaping arts venues and organisations along new models used by community based, third sector organisations is challenging but potentially liberating. It's a big change in how we approach funding. But it can be done!' (Pg 7)
From Reshaping: New Horizons: seeking new opportunities and growth commissioned by Arts Council England.

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