Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tasmanian Leaders Program

There is never enough time in a day to do everything we want. But I am lucky enough to be in a job and have chosen a lifestyle that enables me to create, enable, facilitate and explore.
I had been observing the Tasmanian Leaders Program for a couple of years before applying last year. Why did I apply?

Well, if I have learnt nothing else in this fascinating and challenging life, it is that I never stop learning; from people, experiences, places and myself. Surely it is arrogant to believe that we cannot keep learning. So I jumped in and luckily received the social enterprise scholarship to undertake the year long program.

So far it has been fantastic. It began with a 3 day residency at Strahan on the West Coast and then a couple of weeks ago we (the 24 of us from across the state) had a 2 day program at Parliament House where we heard from 23 speakers including Dr Natasha Cica, Dr Tony McCall and David O’Byrne. All three of these I have a connection with; Natasha and I were previously neighbours, Tony and I have shared many a drink with his lovely wife Roisin and David and I performed together in Gambit Youth Theatre in Launceston, many, many, many years ago. Tasmania is a very small place at times.

Already I have felt the benefit of being in an environment that thinks big, really big. This is so refreshing. It is equally so, to be presented with the real picture of the state; what is working, what isn’t, what could be better-what is possible. I will keep you in the loop with how the TLP progresses but so far…so good.

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