Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Ask

I remember a few years ago listening to an Australian film producer talking about the process for reviewing new scripts. While thousands were posted to his office and sat piled up on his desk, it was very rare for him to receive any calls from writers. He was obviously astonished by this.

Today I cheekily requested Reg Mombasa as my friend on Facebook. What the heck I thought. I love his paintings, he's a fascinating individual-what do I have to lose? Nothing-because within a few minutes he had responded. (mind you, I think he befriends everyone who requests-so give it a go) 

After two years writing alongside other volunteer Tasmanian writers on the writeresponse reviewing blog we have developed a track record of reviewing a number of festivals, performances and events and are now confident to approach others. Following an exciting discussion about the possibility of having a team at the Sydney Biennale 2011, we wrote a basic but friendly email directed to the right person and within a few hours we had confirmation...'yes, they would love to have us there'. Brilliant! Now we just have to find some money to cover the trip, but brilliant. 

Obviously what we were offering was worth something. It reinforced the need for us all to value the work that we do in the arts and to step out there and ask for what we want or need. We may not always get it, but it's worth the risk don't you think?

Opportunity to ask...anyone who wishes to support us in getting to Sydney next year please make contact and we can list you as a sponsor. Cheers

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