Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bringing the Tarkine to Hobart

Ashamedly I must admit to having never been to the Tarkine. That mythical, mystical part of NorthWest Tasmania that is attracting more and more attention for both it's beauty and the threat of logging and mining.

One of the fantastic things about having worked in the arts for a while, is that you often get invited to be part of extraordinary projects. Tarkine in Motion is such a project and I am lucky to be joining the troupe as Creative Producer; drawing together a show that includes a diverse range of song writers, actors, performers and musicians. Tarkine in Motion began as an idea to send creative makers and thinkers into the forests. It was a project realised through passionate individuals and the Bob Brown Foundation who supported 70 artists, musicians, performers, dancers & creatives to live amongst the lush forests and rugged coastlines. This included well known actor, Simon Westaway, who will join us in performing on Wednesday night at the Peacock Theatre.

Of course I am biased, but with only one opportunity to hear these new works, this is a show worth experiencing, whether you have visited the Tarkine or not. The singing is exquisite and varied and it is beautifully matched by the intoxicating visuals that have been curated by the fabulous Geraldina Dijkstra. 

I feel incredibly privileged to be working on a project that supports greater understanding and appreciation for such a beautiful and threated place. As a naive 17 year old my first gig with The Examiner was to shadow a seasoned photographer and journalist as they captured the demolition of forests around Jacky's Marsh.  Standing in thick, sticky mud - my heels and ankles sinking into the brown muck I watched this battle before me. Bright orange bull dozers pushing through as women, men, children....all ages, jumped in front...being pulled away by workers, police. Screams, more pushing and confusion as I fight the urge to throw off my office-girl heels and jump on the dozer. To this day I relive that day, that moment and feel immense gratitude for those who are willing to put themselves in the line of fire to keep our world safe. It isn't pretty or pleasant, but it is absolutely necessary.

Tarkine in Motion combines authentic art and creativity with the passion of the environment. I hope to see you all there and I know that it is a precursor to me visiting this amazing place that is right on our doorstep. xK


  1. You are more than welcome anytime to step into the Tarkine, so many of us would love to show you around! Thank you for this lovely response Kylie.

  2. Thanks Nicole, that'd be wonderful. I would love the opportunity.


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