Monday, September 29, 2014

Feeling like an Imposter?

Imposter Syndrome has been acknowledged as a 'real' condition and in this recent article it states that more than 70% of people at some time will feel it.

You know the feeling. You are at an event, or part of a project or in a meeting and you have that uncomfortable feeling that at any minute someone is going to tap you on the shoulder. The effects of it can be have an impact on your confidence, self-esteem and progression of your work and ideas. Here are some practical tips from Fast Company, to help you get through those moments and to let you enjoy what you do.

The following article was published by Fast Company and can be seen at


  1. Recognize that it exists.
  2. When you receive positive feedback, embrace it with objectivity and internalize it. By denying it, you are hurting that person’s judgement.
  3. Don’t attribute your successes to luck.
  4. Don’t talk about your abilities or successes with words like “merely,” “only,” “simply,” etc.
  5. Keep a journal. Writing your successes and failures down gives you a retrospective insight about them, and re-reading them makes you remember equally both of them.
  6. Recognize that the perfect performer doesn’t exist, and that problems will pop up eventually. Take them as little fires under you that make you move forward.
  7. Be proud of being humble.
  8. Remember that it’s okay to seek help from others, and that even the best do it.

Extra tip by Hackbright Academy’s blog: Accept the fact that there are things that you do not know, there are things that you will never know and there are things that you can decide to learn.
A beginner’s mind can be a very big advantage!

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