Thursday, February 6, 2014

A great start to 2014

So, it’s 2014. Phew! What a relief.

2013 brought many challenges and to be honest I was quite relieved to read that last page and close the book.

2014 has began and it’s looking like a rippa.
I have started as Communications Manager (2 days per week) with the Tasmanian Writers Centre and what a wonderful team I have joined. Marion (pictured with me), Chris, Sarah and the Board. I am really looking forward to learning more about Tasmanian Writers and working to raise the profile of writing in and outside of the state. Drop by and see us at the centre Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm.

This year I have the absolute pleasure to be working with a fantastic group of artists on Flinders Island. These are visual artists, musicians and a film maker. We have invited Jane Stewart from TMAG on board as the curator of what will be an eclectic and intriguing group exhibition to be hosted at Strait Works in Whitemark, Flinders Island. You are all invited of course.

I am lucky enough to be continuing to work with RACTI and TRA to manage the Tasmanian Portraiture Prize. It is open now, we are finalizing judges and getting our ducks in a row to get things moving.
For more information about the prize go to:

Many Tasmanians know the talented Dean Stevenson. He is an accomplished musician, composer and performer. I am so pleased to be working with Dean to support what he does so well. There are interesting things in the pipeline and while I can’t give away too much too soon, stay in the loop by checking out his blog at:

Dean’s limited edition CD’s and DVD’s are available by contacting me at or call 0439 262 344

WriteResponse continues to produce reviews for the arts in Tasmania. Now in it’s fifth year, the blog has attracted more than 50 000 hits. But we want more!!! More writers particularly, to meet the demand for writing about the visual arts, performing arts, music, festivals and events. So, we are on the look out for writers! Could it be you? Check out the blog at:

And before I go, a big thanks to the fabulously talented Martin Tucker, who in the last few weeks brought my newly purchased 1898 Schwechten piano back to life. You are a genius and very talented musician. You have made this touch typist a very happy amateur piano player. 

More to come soon x

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