Thursday, December 6, 2012

Finding New Ways

Guinea Fowl by Rita Case, 2012,
part of the Interweave Arts
Studio Program 
It is great to see courses being offered to assist artists who need a little help with financial management, marketing and product development. Most of this is focused on up-skilling the individual who is making the work. Of course, there is always a need for this, but I have found that there is also a desperate need for coaching artists who do and do not want to go commercial. Making art can be a very isolated experience. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed. But I have found many artists really value talking to someone who isn’t a relative, fellow artist or friend; someone with an objective eye and voice. It is a privilege to be trusted enough to work with such individuals.
Some of the most inspiring individuals I have worked with in the last couple of years are the team from Interweave Arts; Kim, James, Jay, Judy and Graham. They have been committed to working with artists who have a disability and have teamed up with the Tasmanian Polytechnic and other organisations to produce some amazing community arts projects including Paiste Your Face, I Stand Corrected and a showcase of work exhibited at Alanvale Campus titled, Counting on Art. This is an organisation that really deserves to be supported.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to checking out the Pop Up Launceston Art Gallery in Charles Street, Launceston. It’s a phenomenon happening globally, where for one day a gallery literally appears, offering a diverse and often eclectic collection of artwork. It’s on 9am-4pm at 205 Charles Street, Launceston.!/pages/POP-UP-Launceston/261131877343595?fref=ts

Another approach that has already started in the US is Storefront; a marketplace for short-term retail space. Storefront was co-founded by Tristan Pollock, a writer who I joined at the Social Enterprise World Forum in San Francisco in 2010.

The idea behind Storefront is to identify established businesses that are willing to provide space for emerging ventures. This not only gives newcomers a good start but it provides an opportunity for the hosting business to increase customer base.

‘We help brands launch short-term pop-up shops. Our product unlocks retail space and makes searching and booking seamless. We have signed up over 45 brands and hundreds more are waiting for access. For retail space, we have nearly a quarter of a million of square feet available. Our team has over 20 year’s experience in retail strategy consulting with leading brands including Target, Best Buy, Coach, Juicy Couture, and Levi's.

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  1. We certainly love their work and hope you will be offering your valuable input into their upcoming strategic planning sessions.

    We are really looking forward to Kim & James envisioning for the next 3 years!!


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