Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yes, here comes another selection of enticing grants to try and squeeze your project into. Between the various projects I am involved in, along with my own private creative endeavours, it is a bit of a mine field raking through the grants to see which one really suits what you are wanting to do.
It is so important to check and double check that criteria and I find nothing beats a frank conversation with  the funding body itself, after all that's what they are there for-to answer your questions. I have been known to call several times a day to check in with various funders, tweaking and modifying to see if it can fit within the guidelines.
Regardless of this the key element is for the project or idea to have some meat on the bones, to be real. The worst thing you can do, but so many do, is to think 'oh goody, there's $20 000 up for grabs, let's work out a project'. I find one of the best approaches is to look at what you are already doing but only just managing to pull off using your own resources-usually volunteered labour and in-kind support. Giving yourself time to explore some of these small ideas can help create something that is multi-layered, that has depth and resonance.
But for me it is back to the funding applications. I have noticed myself frowning and must stop that, otherwise I will need to find funding to do some facial modifications.

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